Our service provision

  • Screening and management by experienced and qualified recruiters who speak the language and understand the culture
  • Our native-speaking coordinators manage all aspects of the deployment of labour migrant pools, including remuneration, accommodation in accordance with SNF standards and information provision on employment law, social security and taxation
  • Speed and efficiency in meeting specific client requirements based on an extensive network and unique cooperation with Deutsche Agentur für Arbeit, Belgische VdaB and Eures Netwerk
  • Support with the successful integration of the employee into your organisation
  • We provide unique BBL, language and cultural programmes and specific professional training courses
  • Optimally composed pool of flex workers tailored to the client’s needs with low wastage and absenteeism
  • Efficient work processes, short lines of communication and short turnover times


Good employment practices

Focus on correct employment conditions, SNF-certified accommodation, fast and effective integration of employees into your organisation and support for employees in the widest sense of the word.


What we stand for

We are familiar with the history, developments and changes in international recruitment and have embedded this knowledge in our service provision model.