Application tips

We want to help you find the job that suits you perfectly. If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way!

Step 1: Find a suitable job

Step 2: Write a good letter of application

The purpose of your letter of application is to persuade a potential employer to invite you for an interview. Express your reasons for applying clearly, both as regards the position (why you are suitable) and the company (why you want to work for that company in particular). Pay attention to spelling, and be concise. Finally, express your enthusiasm. Arouse the employer’s curiosity about you, so that he wants to know more about who you are and what you can do! If possible, ask others to check your letter.

Step 3: Write a good CV

A Curriculum Vitae tells an employer what you have done in the past, both as regards education and employment. So present all the information clearly, in chronological order and truthfully. Your CV is your visiting card – make sure that it looks good and is entirely free of mistakes.
Describe in detail tasks and responsibilities carried out within the positions you have held and set out your work experience at month level (e.g. 02-2011 to 07-2013).
State the level of your knowledge of languages, both written and verbal. 

Step 4: Prepare as well as possible for the interview

What appeals to you, and what does not?
To be on the safe side, dress smartly. Better dress conservatively rather than appear too casual.

Arrive on time!
Always arrive on time! Arriving late for a first interview immediately gives a bad first impression, so make sure you arrive a few minutes early. If you are unavoidably delayed, call the person who is to interview you well in advance. Tell them honestly why you can’t make the agreed time and when you will manage to get there.

Thorough preparation
Read your letter and CV, the information on the company and the vacancy thoroughly once more. Try to think of questions you can expect to be asked and prepare your answers well. Think, too, about the questions you want to ask.

The interview
Always wait until the other person offers you a seat, and preferably don’t sit down until the other person is seated. If there are several people present, be sure to make eye contact with all of them. Listen carefully to the questions being asked of you and take your time in answering them. Space is allowed for questions in every interview, so take the necessary time for this: asking questions about the company shows that you are interested and serious.

Step 5: Getting to work!