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Snack-productionworker at Mora Maastricht

  • Maastricht
  • Full- or parttime

Job description

As a production worker you are responsible for the production at Mora. Your work mainly consists of; folding boxes, stacking boxes, sorting out snacks, throwing snacks (the snacks are thrown into a big funnel after which they are packed in bags of max. 20 kg), cleaning your workplace, bringing full pallets to storage and working in the rinsing kitchen (here all crates and bins of production are cleaned). Production work is diverse, every day there are other production lines that you are scheduled for. This makes the work varied. If you work properly, there are opportunities to follow various training courses.  

Working parttime is possible in case you are available for at least 2 shifts a week.



We are looking for a production worker who is:
Flexible and willing to work in 3-shifts;
Has a positive working attitude;
Always likes to work in a team;
Is in possession of own transport;
Resides in Maastricht;
Has experience in a production environment or who would like to work in it;
Likes to work in the food industry.


You will be scheduled in three shifts (6.00-14.00, 14.00-22.00 and 22.00-06.00). Salary is in accordance with Convenience Food industry CAO + shift allowances.

This means for 22 years and older:
1st half year: € 10.14
2nd half year: € 11.38
3rd half year: € 12.37

The longer you work for us at Mora, the more you will earn! If you are between 18 and 21 years old, the youth scales apply.

Allowances between 18:00-24:00 33% and between 24:00-06:00 35% of your gross hourly salary.

 You are going to get a HACCP certificate, you work in a nice company with a real family atmosphere and you can get started soon! With good functioning it is possible to work for longer periods at Mora - phase A (1.5 years) and possibly phase B (4 years).


Location Maastricht
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